Hey You! Thank you for wanting to find some juicy info about the girl behind the spray paint and the applier of bandaids. My name is Crystal, I’m a forever 25 year old stuck in a 31 year old body. I grew up in Chttanooga, TN. If you haven’t visited, put it on your bucket list right now.  I plan on writing a whole series of posts one day on all things Chatt. #chattaloveforever #canttaketheNOOGAoutofthegirl

Moving on. I come from a family of handy people. My dad was a contractor turned lumber company store owner. My mom was and still is anything and everything my dad needs her to be while managing to be everything to me as well. She is the quintessential southern momma.

I worked at a restaurant for 13 years. I miss the people but not the corporate idiocy. I also worked in Real Estate and helped start a start up company. But now, I’m a stay at home mom to a sassy smart 8 year old girl

 and some adorable dashing mischievous twin boys. Let’s just say, my life before staying at home was all preparing me for the real work of staying home and never punching out of work ……. It’s a good thing they are  so cute, they love their momma and they nap well, or I’d be that crazy lady other ladies talk about…..

So how did I get those cute little humans?!?

I met my husband in college. He jokes that I went to college to find a husband since I was so driven at being the best in school such a comment would drive me mad…..But if I did do such a thing, I would say I got the cream of the crop and Aced that class.

 He is an Officer for the Army. That means I get to move a lot. And it also means I get to figure out how to do things for myself using correct Army forms while learning  how to hurry up and wait. I will have a whole lotta to say about the military life as time goes on and I run into hoops to jump to get things done.

So now that I have entertained you with some background of who I am, where I came from, my husband and my spawn, let’s  get down to business about what the heck is this site for?!?!?

It’s magic. It’s everything and nothing.

Ok ok ok, now that you are rolling your eyes, I will get serious. I made this site to bring the world:

  • easy fixes to turn trash to treasure.
  • to pull off crazy cool parties for cheap and quick.
  •  to share my twin life stories so you may laugh at the struggles and controlled chaos that having young twins is.
  • To show you power tools aren’t just for men.
  • To show you how to get more bang for your buck.
  • To help you organize and manage your circus, I mean life.
  • To take over the world……. Ha! Just seeing if you were still with me.

The whole point of this site is to create a community. To show you stuff I have figured out and hopefully for you to show me stuff you can do too!!!! Oh and did I mention I’m cheap?!?!? Because that’s a theme around here. I will find something pretty and expensive and make it for less!

So let’s get back to the fun stuff. Let’s go find something to make pretty. Let’s go create!!!

Enjoy my ideas? Please spread the word :)

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