Meet Alena-Beana First Born, Game Changer, Only Daughter, Major Diva

Meet Alena-BeanaOn April 20, 2007 my world changed. I was pretty convinced I was dying and had been for the 4 days and 51 hours of labor I had been through. Alena’s birth story was a rough one. She must have knew I needed someone to test me, to challenge me and to break me.  Before Alena I didn’t have a focus, I was carefree, adventure seeking, hard working but not getting anywhere. I was given a new outlook, a new meaning, and ultimately a purpose that drives me beyond what I ever thought I could achieve the day I had this little spitfire sassy smart diva. I’m so thankful that my life changed, she has been the catalyst of everything good that has happened.

Growing up Alena-Beana

Alena was a great baby. She loved to sleep, played with the toys you gave her, giggled and smiled, listened and didn’t need much baby proofing. No wonder I wanted to have more babies after I had her.

I was a single working momma who was also going to college, so I needed her to be the calm of my crazy busy storm of a life. She was spelling words out by 2.5 using logos as a reference.  She spelled Walgreens using a cleaning bottle and I knew that I better make something of myself or how would I ever be able to guide her bright shining light?

By 4 she was starting to assert her independence, questioning everything, negotiating, making excuses and pretty much becoming a little lawyer that I had a hard time managing at times because she was so smart, but at the same time there was so much she didn’t know and she wasn’t  the most logical rational thinker. She wanted things her way at any costs. She fought me mostly on clothes, her hair and having to go places she didn’t want to go. I was in my senior year of college so the struggle was real.

She started school with no problems other than not wanting to color and being behind on her fine motor skills since I had handed her an iPad growing up instead of a coloring book. Do I feel guilty? No. She was reading before the other kids and had more complex thought processes from figuring out the iPad and playing a ton of learning apps I had zealously downloaded for her. She has been the top of her class every since. I’m hoping she stays there since I know she can, but sometimes it isn’t fun being at the top of the class because it requires work and effort….

She is eight now and in the third grade. We battle over her doing her homework completely and not half ass-ing it to get done. She wants nothing more than to be able to watch all the netflix she can, play Minecraft 24/7, play outside until the sun goes down, never do a chore, and well enjoy her childhood to the fullest.

Is that how I am raising her? No, she has rules, responsibilities, chores, and expectations. She is a great kid, I’m so lucky to be her momma and I pray all the time she feels the same way about me, even when she doesn’t like me very much.


Enough mom sappy story here is the scope on who SHE is now as she sees herself.

I make these printables every year for her, hoping she will love them as much as I do. It’s amazing to see how much changes when you don’t even notice the changes day by day.

For me, her turning 8 has been the hardest. She is growing up and is in my eyes practically grown because 8 is almost 13 which is close to 16 which is pretty much 18 and going to college. Dramatic yes, but tell my heart that when I see her childhood ending faster than I’m ready for.

She has such a generous heart, a sharp wit (when she isn’t being too lazy to use it…..) and a humorous soul. I shutter to think of what the world could do to someone so innocent and special. I wish I could keep her little longer. I wish I could protect her always and teach her everything she needs to know before she finds herself in a situation with not enough information and even less experience.

Life can be hard. People can be cruel. My wish for Alena-Beana is that she always sees herself as I do, as the sweet intelligent fierce funny little lady she is becoming.

Oh how growing up is hard on a momma’s heart.

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