Meet Bruiser aka Preston

Have you heard  the saying a bull in a china shop? Well that describes Preston perfectly. He is big, fast and strong. He runs through everything without bothering to look. He uses his hulkish brute force to man handle toys, siblings, and food. But that baby boy of mine gives the best hugs. And he has learned momma is a sucker for random hugs.



It all started before he was born

I knew around 4 months pregnant that Bruiser was going to be a force to be recknoned with. He was laying sideways in my rib cage playing scoccer with my stomach along with whatever other organs he could grab and punch as well. In fact at the end of my preganacy none of my organs were where they were supposed to be thanks to this guy lounging in the cage.

He was also super feisty and kicked to music. He held my body captive to his night time battles with his older brother, who was wedged underneath him with no place to go but deeper in my bladder.

Yes, I knew my son before he ever graced us with his presence. It came to no surprize that once Landon was delivered first, that Bruiser decided to spread out and enjoy his new found space. The Dr had to pull at him multiple times as he gripped my insides not wanting to reliqush his hard earned solo womb. His first picture is of him pissed off and screaming with clenched fists. The Dr. was giggling. Ha!



 Resting angry face.

For the first few months of Bruiser’s life, he was still grumpy about not getting to stay in the womb solo for a while. It seemed like all his pictures were of him scowling, or just straight up mean mugging. It didn’t help he had colic from 4 weeks until around 12 weeks. His screams could pierce the ears of the neighbors a subdivison away…. ok well it was bad that hubby and I had to wear ear plugs so our ears wouldn’t bleed.

It did help with the brestmilk though. Nothing  gets those ducts  flowing like some super loud baby screams. #kiddingnotkidding. I don’t miss those days.

IMG_0183 IMG_0073 IMG_5055 IMG_6694 IMG_8029

Once he got over the colic, he started smiling and giggling. Though, he still has some super expressive faces from time to time in his pictures,  he is mostly smiling and showing off his full set of baby teeth cheesing proudly for the camera. He has had a mouth full since he was 9 months, and for the most part has been a champion teether with WAY less whining than his more sensitive brother who currently has 8 teeth. Teething twins is one of the miserable btw.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Now I’m not saying Bruiser was delayed by any means. If anything he just hadn’t decided to do anything. He would watch Sweet Boy struggle for weeks trying to learn something. He would watch him succeed, and then shortly after Sweet Boy did something Brusier up and did like he had known how to all along. He was the muscles to Sweet Boys brains during all their escapes, and destruction of our baby proofing efforts.

He did do something first, he talked. His first word was Dada. He has since been babbling like crazy and we know he is going to be the kid that gets in trouble for not knowing how to shut up.

He was also the first to give me hugs, to answer questions with words and decide he loves to sit and watch Animal Mechanicals.

So Meet Bruiser, our wild child, our follower monkey and the baby of our crazy family. Check out his gallery to see how much he has grown!


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