Meet Sweet Boy aka Landon

I never knew how innocent a face could look when up to mischief until this guy came into my life.  Meet Sweet Boy. He is my climber and the reason why I call my sons monkeys.

Sweet Boy



He is the reason everything has to be babyproofed, then baby proofed again. He was my escape artist at 5 months when he figured out how to get out of a bouncer. He later moved on to breaking out of play pens so him and his brother could explore the finer things in life in December such as a Christmas tree and presents without names.

Escape Artist

Lots of First Places in the Milestone Race

He was the first to roll over, first to crawl, first to walk and first to climb. His fearless curiosity is only surpassed by his innocent Sweet boy face.

Sweet Boy

He is also known around the house as swiper, as he is sure to steal what he wants. This lead to Brusier losing his Hulk of a temper and biting the fire out of him. At times Sweet Boy looks like someone has chewed his arm like a juciy chicken bone. I would feel bad, but hey, he brought it on himself and this is just his first life lesson of you can’t always have what you want. Tough love.


Having Twins is nothing like you imgaine

Have twins they said, It will be fun they said……

Those people never had twins and didn’t know how hard it can be. But they did know one thing. It changes you and it is absoultely worth every stuggle to watch two little humans grow together at the same time.

I wouldn’t know what to do now if i had only had one baby, nor who would I have got. I admit I have favorites that change with hands on the clock, and sometimes neither of them is my favorite. but one thing is unfaltering as time flying by, and that is I wouldn’t trade my life as a twin mom for anything.

It is perfect just the way it is, filled with messes, monekeys and lots of 8 year old girl drama too.

Here is a gallery of Sweet Boy growing up. It seems like twins age twice as fast as singletons, good thing I have a nice phone, camera and I’m blessed to stay at home so I could document every silly little thing.

Meet Sweet Boy

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