Finally the day is here! Ariana Grande in Concert Sept. 22, 2015!

Of course the boys would wake up before 6 on the big day. Once I got them up, I was up so no point in going back to bed, plus I had a lot to do before it’s time to go surprise Alena and let her know we would be going to see Ariana Grande live in concert tonight. I had forgot to make Alena’s lunches again yesterday, so I had that to deal with first thing. UGH. I always make them on Sundays so all I have to do each morning is grab and go. Meal prep is a must in this house for reals.

Alena woke up in a bad mood and was whiny. She had a total brat meltdown after I had to brush her hair after I sprayed it with the detangler like I do everyday. I literally just distributed the spray and was done brushing in less than 30 seconds, but we had wails and big tears nonetheless. It was bc she wanted GiGi to brush it and “I never listen, I just do what I want…”

Awesome way for her to have on the happiest day of her 8 year old life…. She barely had wiped the tears by the time the bus came and she had to run down to catch it. I really do hate mornings that go like that….

Thanks to her drama I was behind on getting the boys fed, so I had to do that then go get ready because we had to got to Walmart to get lightbulbs, glow bracelets, fake pumpkins, and a few other things. The boys were ready for bed by the time we got back so that was perfect at least.

I then tried to move over almost 4600 pictures from my phone to the computer. I really should have imported pictures sooner…. I wrote the surprise blog post while I waited on the pictures to transfer, along with straightening up the house, feeding the dogs, and making sure all the little things my mom needed to know for the night were covered and laid out for her.

It took over 45 mins to transfer all the pictures, but then it wouldn’t finish the import so after googling without any good fixes, I unplug the phone and took it to the laptop to try and transfer it to the photos app instead of iPhone and to make a back up of the phone on iTunes as well. It was already 1230 by this point and I had wanted to leave by 1250, so I knew I was going to be late. Not that that was a big deal, just the time I had picked as the best time to leave. I hadn’t even changed or got ready either. Needless to stay my stress level was rising with each min that passed.

Then the boys woke up just as I was finishing with the phone and computer. They of course wanted just me. They screamed and cried and threw their fits as I tried to delete pictures off my phone without luck. Which really had me stressing. How could I make sure I had enough memory to record the surprise video of telling Alena if I couldn’t free up the space on my phone?!?!?  I was cussing myself left and right for not taking care of this over the weekend. GRRRRRRR.

Every time I tried to delete more than 100 pictures or so it would just stall and stop. I started doing less than a 100 at a time and that seemed to work. I stopped paying attention to what I was deleting, which is sad since I do like to keep so many “older” pictures on my phone to look back on from time to time.

The boys were still screaming through all of this. My poor mom was trying to get them to stop every way she could. I just couldn’t help. I had to finish that then get dressed. They ended up stopping while I was putting my make up on, but then it was time for them to get ready which they didn’t want to do since they just decided they wanted to play instead of cry. Fun times. Trying to dress two babies who don’t want to get dressed is one of the seven circles of hell. Especially since they can run away, and try to unsuccessfully strip off whatever you are trying to put on them. They are pros at getting their shoes off and hid in no time…..

We were finally ready to leave by 115, so not too bad considering the crazy that happened in those last 45 mins. We got to the school and my mom was practically jumping all over the place. I wish I could have gotten a video of her reaction instead of just Alena’s since she was the more excited one. Alena was so nervous having everyone stare at her that she kinda shut down and wanted to hide behind my mom. It didn’t help also that she thought the reason we were signing her out of school was because one of the boys( she assumed Preston) had hurt himself really bad and needed to go to the hospital. Poor thing, I didn’t even think about her thinking about that when I wanted to surprise her.  She did jump around outside, and said she felt like she was in a dream. She pinched herself to check. lol.

We took mom and the boys back home and took some pictures. Surprise Ariana Grande Concert The boys were not happy again that we were leaving and they weren’t getting to come. Big tears from both of them as we walked out of the door. Poor little things. It was 2 by this point so still good timing to drive to Nashville before hitting all the crazy rush hour traffic. I had already decided we would do a food tour once we got there.

Alena was talking non stop on the way down. Surprise Ariana Grande Concert Ariana this, Ariana that. I can’t wait to tell my friends about this! I hope she sings this, I hope she sings that.  She also talked about Taylor and wanting to go see her. She talked about moving to Nashville one day, but that she would want to live downtown so she didn’t have to drive through the construction on the interstates. She was so much  fun and not that whiney bratty girl she had been in the morning.

I missed my handsome hubby so much when I got to all the lane changing, construction , and craziness driving in downtown Nashville is. The parking garage I had bought the pass for wasn’t built according to goggle. I found out later, it was in the middle of the building on the opposite of the road from what google told me. The entrance to it was on an entirely different street, and it didn’t have marked signs to it, nor could  I have even parked there until 530 anyway, and it was only 3. UGH. I found a GREAT spot on the first floor next to the doors at the new Music City Center, which is right across the street from the Bridgestone Arena. SCORE. It ended up only being 12 bucks for like 8 hours.

We decided on Baskerfield for our first food tour stop since it was Mexican, and I remembered how much handsome hubby and I loved their queso and charizo from  the one in Cincinnati. It was there I found out about the parking garage snafu since it was next door to the one being built that isn’t the one that I paid for. UGH.
After pigging out, we decided to walk down to the strip. It smelled bad, which is to be expected I guess. All the bars had some sort of liveSurprise Ariana Grande Concert band playing so it was fun to walk and stop and listen for a min to each one. Alena was the youngest
one down there by at least 10 years. There were cops everywhere, I don’t know if that is a normal thing on a Tuesday at 3, or if they were down because of the concert, which wasn’t starting until 7, so who  really knows. I personally liked  having all of them around so I wasn’t as on edge watching for creepers. Being in a big city with Alena is WAY different than when I would go out with my friends. I noticed more things and was always looking down every single ally.

We saw a candy kitchen so we stooped by there, since I was  too full for an entree, but needed something sweet after all that salty. Alena got a massive homemade Reese’s  and I got a gopher,  which had pecans on the bottom, caramel, then milk chocolate. I probably could have ate 5 of those….

Surprise Ariana Grande ConcertWe continued to walk around the strip, stopping in to the stores Alena could go in to see a bunch of tourist junk. The last store we went into had disco booty shorts that I thought were amusing, until I turned around and caught Alena trying to put on penis sunglasses, thinking they were glasses with a glitter horn. I about died, but I took a picture while I snatched them and told her to find another pair because I didn’t like them. She kept asking me why, and all I could think of was  that it was poorly designed and lopsided…. she gave me a strange look, but put them back next to the other gold glitter member…..

We then started moving up the street to the historical buildings and churches, which couldn’t have been a better place for us to be after the penis incident. Alena was happy to read the monument markers and help me across the busy streets at  the crosswalks. I told her this is what handsome hubby and I do when it’s just us and we are on vacation. She didn’t say much about that, so I don’t know if she didn’t care or  thought we are seriously lame…

Surprise Ariana Grande Concert
By this point it was around 530 so we decided to walk down to the arena and wait for them to open the doors at 6. A bunch of radio stations were camped out there doing giveaways for front row tickets. Alena played a game and won a t-shirt, and the girl working the booth thought she was so cute she gave her cat ears too.
She then took a picture with the “donut guy” (I don’t know why he was dressed like a donut….)

Surprise Ariana Grande ConcertShe was dancing around outside until the
line  for the door started forming then we had to go stand in it. I’m pretty sure she asked every 30 seconds why we had to stand in the line, why wouldn’t they open the door, why this, why that, the only thing she didn’t ask was the time since she was constantly looking at her watch and informing me of how much longer we had. She made a lot of friends while we waited. Imagine a bunch of 11-15 year old girls with plaid shirts, cut off shorts, multiple bright colors in their hair, some already had facial piercings, and most had some sort of cat ears on. To say Ariana  doesn’t have classy fans, would be an understatement, sorry, not sorry. Needless to say, I wasn’t making friends and was trying to avoid eye  contact with most of them. lol. I’m sure they were judging me as well for be over 30 and at a teenager concert so yeah…. The things we do for our kids.

The doors opened at 6 and since we were one of the first few in we were able to walk in and have some Ariana Grande interactive cat earsspace to see things before the crowd got crazy. We got stopped by someone selling merchandise. She had a bunch of things that glowed including some interactive cat eats that Alena wanted. Alena had them on her head and I had my cash out when the lady said, “ That will be 40 bucks” WHOA. Ummm just no, I would not pay 40 bucks for flashing plastic cat ears. Crazy marketing people, you set your price point too high….

Our seats were on the second floor between the suites. We were one section away from being dead center of the stage, which I thought was perfect. I wish we were a little  closer, or that they had used the massive screenSurprise Ariana Grande Concerts better to show what was going on up close, but overall our seats were awesome for the money.

We were in section 220, Seats 3 & 4.

Alena was bouncing all over the place by this point and asking EVERYONE within earshot if they knew when Ariana would be on stage. It was a long hour wait  until 7 when the first opening act, Who is Fancy, who sings Goodbye promptly came on. I really liked the 3 songs he sang.Surprise Ariana Grande Concert

After he went off the stage, Alena just knew Ariana would be on any minute… It was about 8 when Prince Royce came to the stage. She didn’t know it was him  coming on, bc they just did a lights and random background sounds to start off his performance so if you listen to the video of it, all you hear is Alena screaming her little heart put, taking deep breaths and screaming some more. The look on her face when he came out instead of her was epic.
She decided quickly that he was a bad Prince Royce, opening act at Ariana Grande Concert in Nashville, TNboy due to the  way he walked, the songs he was singing, his “bad girl” dancers and because he threw his sweaty jacket out into the crowd of love struck teenage girls. She was doing some serious eye rolling, and I was giggling on the inside. I hope she stays like that when it comes to dating so she doesn’t date guys like him or stupid ones either. You could tell we have rubbed off on her in a good way since she was talking on her own and not being pushed by me to say anything about him.

He brought a girl up on the stage and Alena was hiding behind me not wanting to be picked, as if he would be able to see her all the way up in our seats…. He kissed  the girl’s head on the stage and all the girls in the arena went crazy, except Alena who was disgusted. LMAO. He put n a good show, I thought and it lasted for about 45 mins.

By this point my head was really starting to hurt. I wish I hadn’t taken the migraine meds as early as I did now that it was almost 9  and Ariana hadn’t even shown up yet.  It was about 20+ mins between Prince Royce and Ariana. I MADE Alena go pee so I wouldn’t have to worry about her peeing her pants when Ariana was on stage either from the excitement of seeing her live, or just from holding it too long and not being able to make it to the bathroom. She wasn’t happy being drugged, but she got to meet new people in the bathroom line that she got to talk to so she was happy. lol. For someone who claims  to be so shy, she sure does strike up enough random conversations with people. She also tends to love to talk to older girls which was adorable and they all seemed to like Alena as well.

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Ariana FINALLY graced us with her presence around 9, which is normally Alena’s bedtime. Ariana does have a strong beautiful voice, though her high pitch range was absolute murder for my head. I thought my ears were going to bleed at points and my eyes were going to pop out of my head. Her first song was fittingly, Bang! Bang! She had pyrometric flames to go along  with it  the music.

Ariana Grande Concert Nashviille
Photo credit: Greg Allen / Invision / AP

Alena was enthralled, not moving hardly at all, absorbing every single second.   I really liked the girl sitting next to her, She was a mid 20’s sweet black girl with her boyfriend and she really took to Alena. I would catch her watching Alena and smiling, and she always listened to everything Alena had to say. I also liked the young girl next to me who brought her friend with a disability with her. Being surrounded by not annoying people when my head was exploding was important for Alena getting to stay as long as possible.

Alena had clipped her glow bracelets on to her cat ears at this point to make her own glowing cat ears, which she showed to everyone around us. She as so proud of herself and was like, look what I did for free instead of wasting 40 bucks. lol. She sounds so old at times.

We both loved all the songs Ariana sang, I really couldn’t pick one I didn’t like. She sang all of Alena’s favorites which was huge for her. By 1030, I was about in tears and getting close to throwing up in pain. It was obvious the show was almost over, as Ariana had said she had a few more songs for her favorite fans , so I asked Alena if she would be ok if we left early. She had stopped dancing around maybe 15 mins before that anyway and you could tell she was exhausted. She happily agreed it was time to go and said bye to her new friend beside her and was up and moving.

When we got outside she said she had a TON OF FUN, but wished it wasn’t  as loud bc her ears hurt too. (I know, I should have palled to bring ear plugs, parenting fail…..) She also admitted she had been tired and ready for bed for over 30 mins but didn’t want to miss anything. It was nice we left when we did bc it didn’t take us hardly anytime to get outside, and walk over to the parking garage across the street, get the car and get out before the massive swamp of the full arena flooded out.

Tip to anyone going to a concert at Bridgestone, park across the street at the Music City Center, and leave 15 mins or so before it ends so you are not stuck in the crazy herd.

Alena was asleep within 5 mins of getting out of the garage. I was annoyed because the roads Google told me to use, were closed for the event so it kept rerouting me.  I was stuck downtown for at least 10 more mins than I should have been. The oncoming lights were so painful and I had to really force myself to keep my eyes open, to focus and make it home. If handsome hubby had been home, I would have probably called him to come rescue meet me on the way and get us. Longest hour drive ever.

Mom had waited up for us and was bouncing when we got to the door, sadly, I was at the I’m about to puke migraine stage so I didn’t get to tell her about it. Alena was groggy and wanted to go straight back to bed so I’m sure it was disappointing to her to see us all out of sorts on such an exciting night. She took care of getting Alena to bed while I went to take my meds and crawl into to bed to hold my throbbing head.

Overall I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I would bring ear plugs and EXTRA migraine medicine. Alena woke up early the next day excited to tell her Gigi all about the concert and how much fun she had. We have had Ariana on repeat every since, and even I find myself dancing around like teenager to her catchy songs.


Ariana Grande Concert in Nashville, TN
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