I love the color blue, decorating for each season and putting labels and decals on everything! Such a southern girl, I know.

All my house is missing is a couple of mongrams in each room and sone more in my closet. Since Pintrest has came about I have found all kinds of creative and fun places to stick decals. I got my Silhouette protrait cutting maching a month before my boys 1st birthday and I have been wearing it out ever since. It is my favorite toy in the house.

Check out my handy “crap” buckets that corral all the random stuff that I find downstairs that needs to go upstairs. (The trips these things save me is astronomical, though I probably could use some more stair climbing action in my life……)

They took me all of 10 mins to do. I arranged them on the steps according to who had the most crap laying around downstairs that needed to go up….. Some days I think Alena Beana needs two buckets…..
I found the buckets att the Dollar Tree so I only spent 3 dollars. If you are interested in buying the decals for your own Crap Buckets, click here. 


Crap Buckets
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