I am blessed to have two over achieving climber red rose bushes, some eager mini rose bushes and two beautiful but slow coral rose bushes. If you ever notice while perusing other home blogs, they all almost always have fresh flowers in every room or greenery.

So here I am trying to be them, while still being me, and simply because roses make rooms pretty.

  The vivid color of this mini rose was breathtaking. I wish it had 100 more blooms just like all year. 
  It does have multi color blooms, anywhere from 2-4 different colored blooms at any given time. It’s my daughter’s plant, needless to say she is super happy she has the special one.   Sometimes I like to be fancy and have roses on the dinner table to go with the food on my floors…..
  First year having this beauty and she went all out to impress me. It’s a white hygrandrea tree.

Here is my elusive beauty pageant rose.
The brightness and magnitizing aura of this rose makes my heart flutter. I can see it out our patio door from our living room when it decides to grace us with its occasional bloom.

And here is one of my high reaching climbers. At some points during the summer it has towered over 7 feet tall loaded with gorgeous full blooms. It’s always hard to decide on whether to leave them on the bush for outside decoration or cut them and spread their beauty around the inside of the house.
  Here is my other lovely climber.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

– William Shakespeare


Everything looks better with Roses
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