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I grew up exploring new construction homes. I would walk around the 2×4 framed walls and imagine what it would look like completed and decorated. I would pick out my room, design the layout, and day dream about what my life would be like living in that space.  It was the one thing I loved about having to go to work with my parents.

I have spent hours and hours on Pinterest building my dream homes. It was there I discovered my love for lifestyle bloggers and their homes. It was there that the idea of this site came from.

I want to show my creative side and show people how to make pretty  things for their house. To help people make their house  a pretty home that is their happy place.

We all need more happy places, there is plenty of room in the world for it, and a dire need for it as well.

So here is a list of my favorite blogger’s home tours along with some gorgeous pictures.

All of the tours featured on this page are the property of the respective blog owners. All pictures, designs, come from their work and creativity. I hope you love them as much as I do and that you find a few to follow and be inspired by as well!

Happy Home Touring

About 5 years ago I stumbled on a site called YoungHouseLove. I found them before Pinterest, before

any dreams of DIY decor became my passion, before they had a book or multiple kids. I LOVE the way  Sherry writes. We would totally be BFF’s in real life. I connected with her and her husband John. I love their style, their tips, their design, the way they write, they way they teach, and so on. Major blog crush.

They are the reason I started looking into building this website, and making a blog. They are the model of where I hope this slice of internet takes me.
They design lightiyounghouselovekidsprojectsng (Shades of Light) and hardware that you can find at Home Depot as well as an exclusive line of decor accessories at Target.

They are living their life the way they dreamed about and are not only getting paid to do it, they are inspiring others.


Here are the houses they have loved, transformed and showcased. I couldn’t pick just one room, or one thing to feature about them because all 3000+(yes, they have worked THAT hard) posts all have something creative and pretty in them. They are very budget friendly.  They will walk you through the things you can DIY and when you should hire out.

Just click on the picture to open the links in new windows. Be prepared to want to block off some time to go through each house, you are going to find so many ideas just waiting for you to try out too!!!!


Way to go Sherry and John for being my Inspiration, and the epitome of what lifestyle blogging looks like. I would clean your house just so I could see it in person. ha! #kiddingnotkidding

Next up is Rooms for Rent.


Hi, I’m Bre!

I’m so glad you’re here. Follow along as I share my relaxed style with a farmhouse flair, and passion for interior design. My goal is to inspire others, and help you “Love the space you Live in”.

I have been following her seasonal decor changes on multiple home tours for over a year.

I love her natural layers, and that she has galleries of art and pictures all over roomforrent.comher main living spaces. I know I am happier in my spaces when I have lots of pictures to keep me company. Walls should be full of things that make you happy. I also have to note her use of white throughout her home, her perfected use of mixed frames, mixed woods, mixed everything, that looks amazing together. It takes true talent to mix things together to make them blend and depend. It is not something a lot of people  are good at, not even some designers can effortless pull off the mixed layers that is at the top of the design pyramidroomsforrent.com



Way to go Bre, your walls are Best Dressed.


Next up on my list of can’t miss blogger’s homes is Thistlewood Farms.

Thistle wood Farm's KariAnne

I LOVE how she has her home tour landing page set up. She is my inspiration of where I want my home tour to go one day when I get the hours of times to do so.

You have to check out her Butler’s Pantry.This butler's pantry is a great change from the tired look it used to have!

I’m currently obsessed and building my ironstone, fake ironstone, milk glass, and plain white serving dishes. White is a theme I have around here. My bed linens are all white, my towels are white, some rooms are white, (I wish my couch could be white…..) and now I want my dishes to be white. I plan on hanging the big pretty ones on the
all in the dining room one day

Back to the creative Kari Anne and her glamorous Butler’s Panty.  She loves white just as much as I do from looking around her house. She is thrifty and chic, and most importantly she LOVES what she is doing with sharing her home and her blog. I want to be like her. I may have another blogger’s crush. Seriously just look at her pantry already!!!

I would love to sneak candy in there to eat so the kiddos don’t see me. I may even work in there if i could.

Way to go Kari Anne, your Pantry wins Best Little Space Big Wow.



Now let’s go on over to Rose’s house at House of Rose. 

welcomeHouse of Rose Blog Home Tour

Hey, laundry is not my favorite past-time. If you have boys then you know that…clothes…are optional until you are five.

I try to keep my house fairly picked up and clean. You know, just in case you
were to pop in and say hello.  But, my kids? I can’t always promise you they are “visitor ready”. In fact, they will most likely need 3 minutes to throw on some pants.

We built our home in 2010 and ever since…I’ve had my dad working on a constant Pinterest project. Pinterest…the devil. Ha!

Lucky for us, he is free labor. I wouldn’t have been able to do HALF of the stuff in our home if it weren’t for his free labor.

Free labor and my bargain shopping skills. Holla!

I LOVE her intro!!! And I feel like we could be sisters, since my dad builds things too!!! And I’m obsessed with finding Pinterest projects. I’m pretty sure my handsome hubby would agree. Sadly my dad doesn’t live close by, and is busy so he is off the hook from me giving him to do lists like I did when I lived in the same city. But that’s ok, because my handsome hubby took up woodworking and home repair handy man when we moved to our current house. I didn’t see that one coming, but I’m glad it did. I need his muscles and his let’s do this the correct way even if it takes way longer than you want baby ways. He knows I want to do things fast. I will rush through things so I can see the afters, though sometimes that rushing leads to some pretty sad fails which he usually fixes for me.

Ok back to Rose. I love Rose because her spaces are clean, interesting, organized, practical, livable, and well pretty. I love pretty spaces. The make my heart pitter patter.

Take a look at her open living room design below. Feel free to click on the post and go visit her for a while.

Sprucing Up The Living Room Post


and her day to day reality…

Home Tour Spoof - What My House Really Looks Like On A Daily Basisha! I think I have seen that room at my house a time or two…. errrr daily.

Well those crazy boys are up from their nap, so stay tuned for more of my favorite blogger’s home tours for you to check out later.


Enjoy my ideas? Please spread the word :)

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