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Ready to see over 500 ideas I have curated from Pinterest for you?!?!? Some of my favorite pins are the ones that have round ups so I can see the best of the best all together. I like to go fast remember.

I have already showed you what our halloween dinners looked like the past two years after hours of surfing Pinterest here.

I found some new things this year to add to my massive board, especially since I told Alena-Beana she could have a Ghouls party!!!! I always get so excited about throwing parties, but I will admit they can get a little hectic when you have little girls running all over your already crazy but clean house. They are only young once right?!?!

Alena had a Monster High birthday party, so even though I could go all crazy with Monster High stuff again for Halloween, I decided against that. I haven’t decided on which scary movie/theme to do yet. If you have some suggestions please send me a message or comment at the end of the post!

Maybe you can help me? PLEASE.  Let’s get started with the HalloweenRound up of Food, Ghouls, Spooks and Movies!

Here is my personal Halloween board if you just want to jump right in and browse my goodies.
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Halloweeño Jalapeño Popper Halloweeño-Jalapeño-Popper-Mummies-The-Hopeless-Houswife.jpg

Over at The hopeless housewife Erika says these little mummies will win over your heart and your stomach! They are just so darned cute you don’t want to eat them but trust me, once you have one you will be heading back for more! These little Halloweeño Jalapeño Popper Mummies are so easy to make, too. I always say you could wrap Crescent Roll dough on a shoe and it would taste good but the jalapeño popper is such a good compliment to the buttery, crispy Crescent Roll wrapping. Click here to find out how to make some for your party.

Celeste threw an awesome Halloween party in 2011 that the internet is still talking about. Here are just a few of the appetizer ideas I may do. Halloween Appetizers by sugar and spice by celeste

Check out her full party on her blog at Sugar & Spice by Celeste

I love the House of Smiths. Both the lovely ones that run their lifestyle blog (They have twins too!!!) and the two families of Smiths’ I personally know. I LOVE easy candy set ups that look great, keep the kids out of my hair and add bright colors to my party set up. I usually have at least a jar or two like these set up at every party. She even let her twin boys help come up with the creepy names for each candy. My boys aren’t old enough for that, but I’m sure Alena could handle it all on her own. Like this, check out her other ideas on her blog at The House of Smiths.

Get ready. Here is an awesome round up I’m adding to my round up. Does that make it a one up my round up? or a multiply up? Whatever you call it, I have used multiple ideas and starred a bunch from this list that DIYNCRAFTS came up with.

diyncrafts.com 250 halloween super scary and delicious halloween food ideas

Some of the ideas take more time, and effort, and talent than I have, but, I still love looking at what others are able to do. The world has soon many creative amazing people. I’m blown away all the time looking at things on Pinterest with pin-envy! ha!

Have you ever been to honeybearlane? I’ve visited her site a tome or two, and I wish she was one of my neighbors for sure. Why can’t all of us bloggers just make a subdivision and take the home tours we post about for reals?!?!?

honeybearlane.com kids halloween party ideas

I used the apple and peanut butter teeth last year, it was super easy and actually helped make it easy to make the apple monsters that had open mouths after I had cut some slices out for this. I love double duty fruit. NOM.  I also love her candy grab station she has set up.  Want to see more, go over to her site and see if you can find those honey bears!

I’m such a kid when it comes to cute party set ups. Lil Luna has some awesome round up ideas that had me jumping from page to page. I had to leave cookie crumbs to find my way back. hahaha. Dork, I know. 😉

60+ Halloween Party Ideas - including decor, food, games, and favors!! { lilluna.com }

Anyways check out her 60+ Halloween ideas for cute original stuff that isn’t all over Pinterest yet like a worn out radio top 5 song.

Who loves a good buffet party? ME! They can be (NOT ALWAYS) easier to pull off and they have the ability to please even the pickiest of eaters. Though candy has that same effect…..I came across this idea over at Mom Endeavors for a witch’s potion buffet diner. I’m toying with the idea of doing a Hocus Pocus theme, so this would be perfect to go with that.

Witchs-Potion-Halloween-Buffet-Dinner Momendeavors.comHave I told y’all making fun food labels is one of my favorite parts of the party planning and making stage? Well I LOVE it. If you need someone to help you out with that shoot me a message and we can plan! #foodielabellover

Random did you notice those creepy eyeballs under the cauldron? I used to have some when I was little and now I have decided that I MUST have some for this years party. The boys will LOVE them.

Back to the Food…

I know I did this last year, read about that here.  Parents.com did a piece on how to throw a backyard halloween party and they had some funny rocker apples. The called them monsters, but to me they are punk rockers.Apple Monsters


Sorry I didn’t get a better picture, but I had no idea I would be blogging about it later… They are in the bottom corner, and they had funny mouths even if you can’t see that. Trust me they did. wpid-Photo-20150828093558396.jpg

A;ena loved them and even though she didn’t eat every part of them, she got some giggles out of them and I didn’t spend much on them. SCORE. Oh and you have that healthy factor too, if you’re going for that. 😉

Ready for another BIG one? Polish the Stars have 119 ideas for you!

Polish the Stars 119 Halloween Food IdeasI will tell you I tried the jello straw worms, and it didn’t work. Maybe you will have better luck, but you better practice first. I’m dying to try the pasty puff instances that you see in the bottom left corner. The monster pudding cup fail from last year also came from this round up. The thing I really like about the way Polish the Stars organized her round up is she make categories, and she picked easy things. I LOVE all things fast, cheap and easy! That just sounds all kinds of bad now that I read that out loud, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about fellow busy thrifty moms!

I have been meaning to do this one for two years. I think I have skipped it because if I do it…. there may not be any left by the time of the party… Lil Luna did it again with combining all my favorite things in a big ol’ cookie pie. NOM NOM NOM. lil luna halloween cookie cake

My stomach just growled out loud. Did you hear it?

here are 50 more super cute and fun treats rounded up by Parent Pretty50 {easy-to-make} Halloween Treat Recipes! -- Check out this huge list of Halloween treat ideas, each one will make a perfectly delicious addition to your Halloween festivities!

I’m seriously starving now y’all. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this list without going and grabbing something to eat. Which will be disappointing because I don’t have anything as yummy as what we have seen on this page. Sigh……..

I have plenty of side items, appetizers, finger food (literally, have you seen these?!?!hot dog fingers partytipz.com / Via partytipz.comClick here to find out about them) what about the main meal? I mean as much as I LOVE my sweet stuff, I can’t just serve candy for dinner to a bunch of pre teen girls. So here are a few dinner options. I personally loved the meatloaf monster had we did two years ago, and the boo pizza last year. A lot of the entree food I would love to do, Alena won’t eat…. however since I will have 3-4 extra little girlies over this year I’m sure someone will eat these things…..

The girl who ate everything ROCKS.

This one is high on my list.

Everyone loves spaghetti right? Especially when it’s black with olive eyeballs?!?! The lady over at 36th Avenue made a super pretty plate of it if I do say so myself.

Halloween Recipe - Make this Halloween Spaghetti Recipe. It is perfect for parties and kids love it! the36thavenue.com


This next one is bit gross, but I think the girls secretly love to giggle at gross and spooky, so maybe i will do it. Plus it has bacon, automatic 5 bonus points. Fabulessly Frugal made this meatloaf zombie that is sure to be the talk of the party for years to come. The lady who wrote the post, even said it has became a traditional food on Halloween. Here it is!



I could also always do the mummy dogs again, have the girls make their own personal boo pizzas, or ghost pizzas, there really are endless ideas!!!! I’m thinking deciding on the menu may be the hardest part of the Halloween Party Process.

What ideas were your favorites?

OH!!!! Help me!!! I’m trying to decide what family halloween costumes we will be wearing this year. Leave me a comment if you have a GREAT idea for my 18 month old twin boys and 8 year old darling daughter. Handsome Hubby and I don’t mind dressing up either if it’s a good one!



Hope you all are having a GREAT Day!!!


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