Welcome to my Home Tour!!!

Here is the story of a house that needed some love. We only had 4 hours to find a house when we drove up from Niceville, FL to Clarksville, TN because Casey only had 3 days off from his rigorous school schedule for the Army school he was attending.

We had to drive the kiddos up to my parents in Chattanooga, then drive up to Clarksville, find a house, make an offer, then drive to Lexington because our precious nephew decided to arrive late which meant we were actually close enough to go see him while he was still BRAND SPANKING NEW. It made my weekend.

Luckily my real estate experience helped us plan our trip with an itemized list of homes on a meticulous spreadsheet comparing their  features. Have I told yall I love spreadsheets? They are right up there with my beloved silhouette cutting machine.

Anyways. The house we chose was not a 4/5 star rated house on my spreadsheet. It was a 3. But when I walked in and saw the blank slate behind those saloon doors to the kitchen I was sold. The previous owners had already put some money into putting new floors throughout, fresh cheap paint on all the walls and had it clean.  The price per sq ft was awesome. There was plenty of extra space for all of us and lots of potiential for projects!!!!!

It was also the house that we got the phone call that our nephew was born, so I took that as a blessing as well, even if that is a little silly. I know where in the house I was when it happened too.

So without further rambling, here is my home tour before and after using the photos provided by the real estate listing for the before pictures.

I will be adding a source list in the future with all the paint colors, products used, prices, etc. If you see something you would like to know about before I find the time to make the source page, shoot me an email and I will let you know.

Ready for the big reveal?!?!? Keep in mind, we are still working on it, and it will never be done if I keep surfing Pinterest……

Home Tour Before and After

Amazing what the correct white balance can do for a picture!

The Improvements

We took down the green louver shutters within a month of moving in. I’m not a fan of hunter green even if Alena Beana loves that color.

We painted the garage door a deep charcoal gray.

We also painted the front door a bright happy Caribbean blue/green.

We moved all the screens to the bottom of the windows so it didn’t look all creepy scary haunted.

We changed out the light fixture over the garage and next to the from door.

And what about those bushes!?!?! We got rid of the two random behemoth bushes blocking the front porch. They were two different kinds of bushes, and I’m not sure of why they were ever planted there anyway…. We also got rid of 3 burberry bushes because those things hurt, and I didn’t like their dark color. We planted a hydrangea tree there instead and it bloomed like crazy this summer.  We also got rid of some tree/bushes overgrown crazy from the back side of the house on the left.

Next on the To Do List

I still want to add charcoal raised panel shutters, figure out what to put in the circle landscape and stain the front porch concrete. I would also LOVE to have a bigger feature light over the garage, but seeing how we are in the Army and will be moving sooner rather than later, I can’t spend the money on something I won’t get to enjoy long enough to justify it. #firstworldArmywifeproblems


home tour before and after


Let’s go inside and see what magic we made happen in there with creativity, lots of paint, and lots of DIY.

home tour before and after

Not too bad. It was clean, the paint was fresh (though I HATED that color, it wiped off with water, every touch would leave a mark, and it was pretty much the cheapest paint I have ever seen.) I knew right away the whole house would be painted… one day when we didn’t have the kiddos or the big dog that sheds like crazy at the house. (It took a year for that to happen, but hey, it got done.) I also knew I would be staining that wood darker ASAP. I love some the color  Kona in the Ultimate Wood Stain line from Rust-Oleum.

The After

Hello vinyl on bright door The color of our door varies according to the light. It is such a bright cheerful yet classic color.  It always makes me happy when I come home and see it. myhometour13

As you can see, we have the all so chic baby gate welcoming you as soon as you come in. Had the boys been home, it would have been closed…. They can’t be trusted.

The Improvements

First things first, I painted our door from the sun faded hunter green to the gorgeous happy color it is now. I then tackled staining all the stair rails. Then I painted the stair spindles white. It looked AWFUL. Nothing like all the pictures I had seen on Pinterest. Luckily, I realized the white was a bad choice after I had only done one, so I let it dry, sanded it off and proceeded to stain them the same dark brown kona color as the rest of the woodwork.

Notice those buckets on the stairs? They are lifesavers from having to go up and down the steps all day. Read about them here. Buy the decals for your own here.

Next on the To Do List

I would like to rip out that carpet and see what is under there. I have a feeling it is OSB, maybe if I’m lucky plywood. Regardless, I would like to have wood stair treads instead of carpet. (I HATE vacuuming those things!!!!) I’m not sure what stain I would go with, or if I would paint the backs white(kinda worried about that since it went bad on the spindles) so many decisions left for another day.

I would also replace the foyer lights from your standard rubbed bronzed boob light for something more fancy, but budget friendly. I’m dreaming but….. I would also love to have a statement light going up the stairs. That would require an electrician, which gets pricy fast, so it probably will not be happening.

Let’s go to the left from the foyer.

To the left is the former living room/ dining room. It was a vast long room without any features. I knew immediately that we could turn this long room into two rooms. Can you guess what kind of rooms I made out of it? Here is the before while you think on that.

home tour before and after home tour before and afterThe original room was 26×14. Plenty of room to add a wall in the middle and make it more useful, as well as add instant value to our home. We hired out a contractor to combine and out the wall up for the cheap, but that was still a hot mess. I will have to tell you all about it one day.

So did you guess what rooms we made?

An Office/Guest Bedroom!!!

Bright office/guest room Bright office/guest roomThe first room when you walk into our house now is a multipurpose office and guest bedroom. We painted the walls ultra white and chose bright blues and yellows and navy to decorate with. We also added a closet, but the framer messed up on his measurements so we get to figure out how to frame that in and hope to find a door to fit it. I’m not looking forward to that project. my home tour before and after

The Improvements

So we added the wall and closet. We changed out the horrible vertical blinds for the 2.5″ fake wood horizontal blinds. I folded up some discount fabric I found and made a make shift valence.   We added two french hung closet doors to give our guest privacy, and ourselves when we are working on the computer and trying not to hear every single loud noise/fight on the other side of the house. The doors were quoted by Lowes for $339.00 without tax. Ummm no. I wasn’t about to pay that. I got lucky one day on a trip to Restore and found two of the doors without the frame for 10 bucks a piece. YES! Take my money! Figuring out how to get those doors in the car with the boys in the car as well and a stroller was tricky, but I made it happen. Casey was able to hang them fairly easy and barely had to sand them flush to shut. It was a GOOOOOOOOOD find.

I will be making a post about these doors later since they are not your normal prehung doors with bored door knob holes.

home tour before and after

Next on the To Do List

If we ever get an electrician in to do any work in the house, I would want him to add a ceiling light in this room. The builder put two plug in’s on the back wall to serve as a place to plug in lamps. When  you flip the switch when you come in this room, it turns on those plug in’s.myhometour26 So I have rigged up a hanging light for now. It has a white drum shade to hide the hanging hardware, but you can see the cord going across the ceiling and down the wall. Not to mention I have to let our guest know about if they use that plug in, when the lights are off, it’s off. It’s frustrating to say the least. We also have to tackle the closet door, painting inside the closet( I want a different color than white, but I don’t know what yet) and designing some closet storage that will work for both a guest bedroom and office space. We also want to make a murphy bed with built in shelves and a fold down craft table(EKKKKK!!!!) There is still a lot to be done in this room, but for now we are happy with how it looks and how it functions. =)

Let’s go back to the foyer and go to the Guest Half BathGuest Bath

I don’t have a great before picture of this room.  It wasn’t bad to be honest. It had that horrible paint, and nothing else.guest bathroom before


Here is what we have done with it for now.


guest bath myhometour19



We painted the room a pale blue/white which made it bright and cheery. We framed out the mirror.

We added a rubbed oil bronze light fixture and faucet. The faucet was another Restore find for only 10 bucks!!! We put in the over the toilet shelf which I have had forever then added some pictures and a plant. I can’t decide on a direction for this room, I go back and forth over keeping the sink or changing it.Building in shelfs, or not. Hopefully I will figure out something soon so it functions better for our guests.

Let’s go to the Laundry Room next.oversized chalkboard

I haven’t down much in here yet because I’m waiting for cabinets to go above our machines. I did however do something very bold for me…….

I painted it NAVY!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!

laundry room

Until I finish making it over, that’s all you will get for now. It’s going to be awesome!!!

Now let’s go back out in the hall and turn right to go to the kitchen and breakfast area.

growth ruler

I love the growth ruler I made. I haven’t figured out what pen/paint/something I am going to use to write down the kiddos heights on it, but it’s up and I can always go back and add in the heights and dates later. If you want to buy the decals, click here.

growth ruler  Gorgeous isn’t it. I adore the color of the wood, which is saying a lot since I’m usually a dark wood kind of girl. On the opposite wall you will see a giant chalkboard. It is ALL mine. I get to draw on it and make pretty things. The kiddos have enough things they can destroy, color, create, etc etc, this for now is my space to be creative and fun.

chalkboard myhometour28 Oh Look, there is Sweet Boy mad that we got a new gate he can’t climb over. You see, what happened was he kept climbing on the side of the stairs. So him and his brother lost from hall privileges. Such a tough life they have, I’m so mean….

Moving on to the Kitchen

This was a clean kitchen, but it was an old kitchen. It was also a big reason we got the house so cheap. I mean it had saloon doors… and the country fence thing on the top of the cabinets. The appliances had been replaced with the newer ones you will see in our pictures, but they still aren’t the ones I would have picked had I been the one buying. Despite the appearance, the cabinets were solid and in great condition, and as I mentioned they were clean, a HUGE thing for me and my OCD.

home tour before and after home tour before and after

So what did we do to transform the space for less than 500 bucks?!?!?!

kitchen details

The Improvements

I turned our etched faced cabinet doors into shaker style, painted the bottom cabinets a warm gray, and the tops a snow white. I moved and changed the hardware on the cabinets, and here is the crazy thing I did…… I put contact paper on the counter tops!!! What?!?!! Back up that truck! for 18 bucks I completely transformed my counters.

This isn’t a permanent solution by any means, it has only been a few months and we have a few minor holes from moving around our Sous Vide water cooker. But it was wayyyyyy better than looking at new transformed cabinets with dull dingy off white more like yellow countertops. I could not do it. Especially not looking at them next to the crisp bright white upper cabinets.  We didn’t want to drop 1500+ down on counters right then after all the other improvements to the back yard we did, the wall we built, and all the little things that added up, so we decided we would save for it and hopefully do it either in Nov this year or March next year. A new fence is also up for that money, so we shall see what we decide to do first.

We also found a round white table off of craigslist for 50 bucks. SCORE.  It has a beautiful leg.

Kitchen makeover

We changed out the light over the sink since we we took down the wood that was over the sink the light was a bar mounted fluorescent. (EWWW)kitchen makeover Changed out the faucet and garbage disposal.kitchen makeover Painted the room a pale blue.kitchen makeoverMade a no sew window treatment. Added solar reflective panels to the windows to keep the heat out, but let the light in. I’m loving those things!!! Though it does look like it is going to storm more now when it gets a little cloudy since the panels darken the outside view.myhometour29

I also decided to have one of the cabinets be an open shelf for decor and our huge pretty dutch oven.Open shelf in kitchen redo

Open shelf in kitchen redo

Next on the To Do List

Paint the upper cabinets one more coat, then add 2 more coats of poly. They look good now, but I want them to look even better. Oh btw I used General Finishes Milk Paint on the cabinets.It’s kinda like chalk paint, but it has been around longer, and is even ore durable. I had seen someone else use it on their cabinets and had greta things to say. I love it and will continue to use it on my furniture projects as I need something tough to handle living with my boys.

Install new farble counter tops. What is Farble?!?!? Farble is fake marble. I want the laminate version of marble with a fancy edge. It’s cheaper, and less maintenance. We are planning on renting this house when we get our next Duty station, so I also don’t want to drop 5 grand in a kitchen I’m not going enjoy and then have to worry about someone else ruining it. #firstworldArmywifeproblems

If the fridge happens to break, then we will be replacing it too. I don’t know what to go with since we have a white stove and a black dishwasher…. Hopefully I will figure that out before it breaks on me and we have to get something super quick.

Let’s go to the Living Room

We had to go through those saloon doors to get into what was the extra family room when we were touring the house. I knew when I saw it, it would be perfect to be our family room and lock the boys in it. I also immediately knew I would be painting the fireplace black ASAP.

home tour before and after home tour before and after

The Improvements

The first thing you will notice that is COMPLETELY transformed is the fireplace. It went from tradition to beach transitional. It’s still a work in progress, but it has came along way from that shiny brass it started out with. Here is one of the in process pictures. I plan on writing a before and after post just about it, so for now this is a little sneak peek behind the scenes. myhometour34

I came across a steal of a deal on craigslist for loose barn beams that a guy had that he wanted to go to a good home since he did not have the room at his place to keep them. He sold it to us for 45 bucks!!! I had been looking for one before I found his ad, and the cheapest one I found was for 395, and it wasn’t even real old wood, just new wood made to look old.

I can totally do that myself for way less, so I thought that that was what I was going to have to do in order to get the barn beam look for my mantle.The guy was even nice enough to plain the top and back so my husband could make a french cleat to attach it to the wall securely.

Not only does this mantle give me the look I wanted, but it serves an important baby proofing function. You see the wires to the tv used to go behind all my decor and along the outside of side of the fireplace, tacked in place with those clear cord tackers. It wasn’t very twin proof and the boys had already started messing with it so being able to put the cords down the inside of the fireplace, and come out at the bottom side right next to the plug in which is covered so they can’t unplug it was necessary. See, I can have a few nice things if I put them up high enough….

Anyways, I haven’t completely decided on if I’m going to seal/ or stain the mantle, keep the surround white, and if I’m going to keep the brick as the hearth. But hey! It looks better now than before so it’s a start.my home before and after myhousetour35

Below is a transformed piece of furniture that my in laws found for us for free. It was a dark wood tone with a off white laminate top. I usually LOVE dark wood remember, but it was just too heavy in this space so I used some of the paint from the bottom kitchen cabinet makeover to paint it real quick.

I then took some more handy contact paper and put that on the top so it now joins the two spaces beautifully.

The top drawers hold all the boys diaper changing necessities and other random baby stuff that they need but can’t play with. There are locks on them. The two bottom drawers have lots of toys in them. We had to put rolled up towels in the back of the drawers to keep them from shutting on fingers, so the drawers never shut completely, but it has saved us lots of tears and maybe even a broken finger or 5. Those boys sure can be rough with each other.myhometour37 myhometour38Through this door you can go outside to our patio. Let’s see how it has changed!

home tour before and afterWhoa. That’s pretty dirty and unkept…..

home tour before and after

Is there any grass around there? Nope. There was an apple tree that was an over achiever. We just had to get rid of it this summer after the attack of the flies was too much for any of us to handle.

Apple Tree Take Down Apple Tree Take Down


The first thing we did in the backyard was clean it up, get rid of extra wild bushes, buy some sod,  have some awesome guys come pour us a massive concrete pad, take down the closed in lattice, make a sidewalk to the side yard, add new flower beds, put down black mulch, pressure wash everything, added a bright rug and patio set, and put the boys play house back here so they could play outside without trying to escape to the road.<Very important>

backyard transformationLook at those cute pups. The big one is Daisy. She suffers from only dog syndrome so she “needs” lots of attention. She is super smart, and very patient when the boys climb all over her. Our life would be empty without her and her dramatics of not getting all the attention she was formerly used to. It’s ok Daisy, you are still very much loved, chin up buttercup.

The other pretty pup is our spazzy Jersey. She has never been an only dog, so she wants to be around the big one regardless of if the big one wants her around. She loves to jump, and scavenges for food like we never feed her, hides from those crazy boys, and has a bark to drive you nuts, but we love her and our family is complete with her.

Next on the To Do List

Paint the shed white again, and paint the roof and doors the same dark charcoal color as we painted the garage doors. Fix up the pup’s patio, clean some more, paint the deck and lattice(pretty much the same dark color, it’s just chipping so it needs a new coat) and thats about it. I mean i’m sure I will find things to decorate more out there, but not too many projects left to actual do.

Let’s go back in and through the sunroom real quick. It’s Alena Bean’s girl cave.

I don’t have a before picture of the room, but other than putting stuff into the room, I haven’t done anything to it. It is her space in the house for all of her toys that are too small for the boys to be around, her place for all her videos she records of herself playing littlest pet shop. (If you didn’t know, thats a thing on youtube these days…. I don’t let her upload hers, but she watches other kids play with their toys.) Anyways here are a few pictures of what her cave looks like.

My Home Tour Spray Paint and Bandaids| The Sunroom/ Little Girl CaveShe also has a large island in the room that she stores all of her toys under and uses the top to play on. I just couldn’t get a good picture of that side of the room sue to the sun setting. Another day.

Let’s go back in and go to the other side of the Guest bedroom/ Office and see what we made that room into….

home tour before and afterRemember this was the before……

We made it into a formal dining room!!!

dining room makeover My handsome hubby made our massive farmhouse style table. It seats 10, plenty of room for out family of 5 to have guests over. I’m obsessed with it, even though I didn’t have time to stage it for these photos to show you just how much I love it. In due time, the dining room will get it’s time to shine.

The Improvements

We painted the room a calming seafood green that reminded me of the spa. I know how crazy food time is around here with food flying and kiddos being loud, I wanted the walls to be calming.

I did a tall wainscoting effect on one wall to use as a feature wall. I simply used lattice moulding to frame it out, then a nail gun to attach to. I then used some small crown moulding to top it off and make a picture ledge, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures everywhere.

We also hung some cabinets I found at Lowes for a killer deal. Are you ready to be envious?!?!? I only paid $500 bucks for $5000 worth of cabinets and a quartz top.

It’s a little known fact that when big box retailers change out their demo sections, they often sell them off. Well we happened to be roaming around Lowes one morning and I noticed some construction going on in the Kitchen department, and that some of the cabinet set ups had been moved, and some new ones were being out in. I immediately found a manager and asked about where the old ones were going. It just so happened, they were selling them off and they had one left.

It was 6′ long, and a natural maple finish. I know, not my dark wood I love, but, I think that it was exactly what the space needed and for 500 bucks I could always stain it later. I can’t seem to get a decent picture of it due to the table being in my way, or our light being in the way, but here is one where you can see it enough to judge. dining room makeover


We also hung some curtains over the french doors to the sunroom, made a custom DIY picture frame with wire and snuck in plenty of toy store.

The dresser at the bottom of the collage was another Restore find for 5 dollars. We used it for the boys changing table until my in laws found the other large piece of furniture in the living room. It was originally an orange wood tone,so I painted the bottom navy and stained the top with Kona. If you have been paying attention, you will notice there was a table in the guest bedroom I did the same color treatment too, the desk chair is that blue, the open shelving in the kitchen is that navy, the laundry room is the same color of blue, and you can’t see them, but the french doors in this room are also the same navy blue. I like to keep a small color palette around the house so I can move things around and everything flows.

Plus I LOVE that deep navy blue. dining room makeover

Next on the To Do List

I didn’t show you in the pictures but…. We still have to put the baseboards back on in there. We are going to make them taller than before, so it will be a mini project. We would also love/ NEED to have an electrician install 4 recessed ceiling lights because the corners of the room can get a little dark. We also have that issue of the one plug that turns on and off from the switch in the guest bedroom back in the corner of this room. Lastly I need to paint at least 2 more coats on the wainscoting treatment and caulk any spaces still open. This room has came a long way, but it actually didn’t take too much effort to transform it.

Let’s Go Upstairs

Here is a flashback of what going up the stairs used to look like

home tour before and after

I saw that expansive wall going up the stairs and I saw a large gallery wall waiting to happen. EKKKK!

stair gallery wall makeover

I first only had black frames up, but that was kinda boring so one day I got some spray paint(my best friend) and painted frames, navy, gray, yellow, and bright blue then mixed them up while hanging them back up. It was exactly what was missing on the wall. I also made the Family Review Art to hang and remind us of what an awesome year 2014 was. I will be making another for 2015, this time with more of my signature colors. I’m also planning on making it an editable printable so you can make one for your family too!


We just stained the railing, painted and hung pictures. Lots of pictures.

Next on the To Do List

Convert the stairs from carpet to wood. Figure out something to do with the wall that you look at when you come down the stairs. And maybe, probably not, get that statement light that I dream about hanging there.

First Room you see when you get to the top of the stairs is our guest bathroom/”Alena’s bathroom” She likes to believe it is solely her despite the fact the boys use it,and so do our guests, but hey, pick your battles right!?!?1

I don’t have before shot of this room which is really sad, because it is one of the most transformed. But imagine this: that yucky cheap beige yellow color on the walls, orange oak cabinets, chrome fixtures, and not much else. It was as bland as stale toast.

bathroom makeover


I did the same wainscoting treatment on the walls, but I haven’t put up the picture frame moulding yet. I painted the top half a rich blue/gray.

I stained the cabinet with a thick coat of Kona.

Casey framed out the plain builder grade mirror for me.

I took down all the chrome and hung hooks next to the shower instead.

It is such a bright and cheerful room now. It currently has a bright white shower curtain(I LOVE white) but I’m wanting to find something a little different. I also used a large jar to store extra samples of products for guests. I bet you don’t know where I got that idea….. Hint, it starts with a P and ends in interest. 😉

guest bathroom redo details

Next on the To Do List

Other that painting the wainscoting a couple of more coats, and adding the picture frame moulding to the top of the wainscoting there isn’t much left to do.

Let’s go over to the boy’s room next.

boys nursery  You will see the boys weekly pictures we took for their first year. We are missing week 46 thanks to Preston eating it.. I will get around to reprinting it one day. For now just seeing how they grew and changed makes my heart happy and sad at the same time.

I’ve been redoing the decor int the room with lots of vinyl art. The colors I used are gray, navy, bright blue and green. As you can tell this room has not been spared from my Pinterest obsession. We didn’t have to do anything to the room other than paint the walls and the closet door.

Handsome hubby made the book shelves so one day when they will sit long enough we can read to them. right now they seem to think they can read by eating the pages, or just by yanking it out of our hands so they can look at it themselves. They are interested in them though, so thats a good sign at least.boys nursery boys nursery

Next up Let’s head over to Alena Beana’s Room

pre-preteen colorful bedroom

This is another one of the rooms I don’t have a before of. It was cookie cutter plain with the horrible paint.


Since we are a military family and won’t be living here for more than 3 years or so, and Alena is at the age where her loves and hates change daily it seems I refused to paint the room a color, or multiple colors as she wanted. I painted it white so she could change out her decor and colors that way. I did paint her closet doors a bright green she picked out. That was the color she wanted the whole room at first.

When we first started decorating her room she was still all about Frozen. Well as soon as she got all frozen decor,she decides she is obsessed with monster high. Sigh. So she has a mix. It makes her happy, so I’m happy.

Would I like to make it into a matching super cute designer room, well of course. But is it my room? No. I want her to be happy in her space, so I make what she wants go with a little of what I want. There isn’t anything left to do to her room other than maybe add some crown moulding.

pre-preteen colorful bedroomWe took her bed off the frame because it was taking up a lot f floor space and visual space. I’m currently looking for inspiration for a DIY frame/platform option for later.pre-preteen colorful bedroom pre-preteen colorful bedroom

Last up the Master bedroom and Bath

The room was a bank space ready for us to leave our mark on it. We haven’t really done that yet. It is easy to get wrapped up in decorating the rest of the house an leave our bedroom a blank space. Especially when you are as busy as us and the only time you are in your room is to sleep.

home tour before and after

This is the before picture of the guest bedroom/office, but our room is right above it and looks the same even with the window placement. Where the door is on the left is where Casey’s closet is, and the bathroom is where the dining room is. Nothing exciting or anything to feature.

master bedroom with crisp white sheets and a custom travel map


We have only painted so far. I went with a white, gray,navy and blue theme as I have with most of the house. I also have a collection of mercury glass around the room because I love the glimmer it exudes. It’s the one room in the house you will only find pictures of me and handsome hubby. It’s also a kid free zone most of the time except when its 2am and we have a certain sweet boy screaming his head off until we go and get him and bring him to our bed. Such a stubborn one he can be….

myhometourCollage14 master bath redo

Next on the To Do List

We want to add crown moulding, redo both closets so they function better, and I may want to paint again. For some reason where we cut in with a brush, it is a different color than where it was rolled on. I’m sure no one else would really notice but I do. Plus the color came out more ice blue gray when I wanted more gray gray. For now it works.

Master Bathroom

We got lucky that the previous owners had replaced the vanity, mirrors, fixtures, light and fan before we bought the house. It was that same color as everything else with an off white shower. By now you know I love crisp white, so that shower was s sore thumb….. Here is the before.

master bath before



We painted it the deep blue/gray color to create a spa like feel. I mixed in different silvers and dark wood tones to bring it all together. I hung our shower curtain next to the ceiling so it makes the room taller. I added sweet decals to the mirror to remind handsome hubby in the mornings when he is shaving he is loved and appreciated. We also replaced the towel bars with hooks. master bath redo

master bath redoNext on the To Do List

Paint the tub white. Since I keep the curtain closed all the time, I don’t notice the yellow off white tub when I walk in there which helps for now. I also want to make a built in cabinet/ shelf above the toilet, and maybe add a bench in there as well.


Thanks for taking my tour! I hope you found some inspiration. If you have any questions shoot me a message below! I hope you have a wonderful day and you go create something pretty!!!

goodbye decal

Life is better when you’re busy making pretty things.

Enjoy my ideas? Please spread the word :)

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