Welcome to my messy side of the table. Feeding Toddler Twins is an operation. It starts with food prep and ends with clean up 3+times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Exhausted yet? I am….

Food Prep

4-9 months depending on your child’s readiness and how many teeth they have….

When the boys were younger, I would buy cans of fruit, and bags of frozen veggies. When you have twins you don’t have time for from farm to table, super organic, straight from the produce aisle at Publix extra prep.  So do yourself a favor and get the cans, and bags of pre-cut, diced, and ready to serve stuff. Then I would simply portion out about 8oz servings because that is what my boys were eating. Then I would just grab a flavor and go for each meal. I didn’t buy baby food because they ate so much, and even before teeth I used this same process, just used a blender to puree it first so it was simple enough to quickly make big batches to freeze and store. Not to mention the cost savings! Baby food is expensive, but doesn’t have to be.

Let me tell you spoon feeding babies was not my favorite thing to do, and I take the blame for how messy they got at times since I was trying to read this and that on my phone while feeding them….

Brusier LOVED to steal food. He didn’t care who had it,where it came from or even what he had to do to get it. This picture for example was taken after he stole carrots out of his brothers mouth. Yeah…. twice chewed carrots coming right up. I yelled his name to get him to stop digging in his brother’s mouth, he got startled, so what did he do?!?! He smacked himself in the face with the twice chewed carrots of course. This is why I can’t have clean things….

Moving on to the next stage

9+ months: Finger Food

This is where my life got a bit easier, but a whole lot messier. We started slow adding different textures and flavors. The boys decided they were on a no fruits and veggie boycot. Seriously. I would try different fruits/veggies and they would spit them out, or fling them with a passion at me. So we turned to carbs and meat. Judge me now, for my caveman meal plan…..

The boys discovered puff corn, they thought it was AMAZING. They would shove the big puffy pieces into their little mouths while scaring me to death they were going to choke. Hey would eat it with a fury as if they had never ate before and they would never eat again. They are 17 months now, and still love their puffs. I highly reccommend me for keeping them busy and adding some empty calories to their diet.

The frozen food aisle is going to be your friend, as well as can fruit, and anything mini sized as then you don’t have to cut it up so they don’t choke.

Here are some of their favorite go to snacks and foods as of now at 17 months

  • strawberries
  • banannas
  • grapes
  • peaches
  • pears
  • apples
  • rice
  • sweet potatoes
  • smore flavored goldfish
  • Cheese puffs of course
  • sausage
  • little smokies
  • chicken fries/fingers/nuggets/ etc
  • turkey meatballs
  • pizza
  • pizza rolls
  • cheeseburgers
  • ribs
  • pork chops
  • any meat really…..
  • whatever mom’s having
  • cheese,egg and sausage burritos,
  • oreos
  • any kind of cupcake
  • ice cream
  • Just berries captain crunch
  • maple pancakes
  • chips of any kind
  • pretty much they are garbage disposals, with the exception of most veggies.

They have gotten much better at wanting to try and eat whatever we are eating, which is usually a protein, and a veggie side. Sweet Boy loves to come and steal food, so he might be the first one to join us at dinner.

Now that you know what I’m feeding them, how about how do I do it?!?!?

We got the take along high chairs/booster seats from Fisher Price in the the jungle theme. I had the same one for Alena Beana when she was a baby. I love that it doesn’t take up extra space, I can sling it over my shoulder and take it anywhere, and it is easy to clean. You can find it here: Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat.

I attach those bad boys to our normal wood dining room chairs. I have a plastic rolling chair protectant rug down under the chairs to hepl keep my rug safe and floors a little less messy. I strongly suggest putting something under the chairs until they get past the dropping food on the floor is fun stage. See example below.

I also highly reccomend getting a hand held vacuum. Just make sure you dump it out daily so you don’t get mold or creepy critters making a home in it. Besides, it will fill quickly so I’m sure you would have to dump it daily anyway. Here is the one I have. It hangs on the wall and has awesome suction.

I found it at Walmart for like 35 bucks. Well worth it for my sanity and not having to drag out the big dyson after every meal.

So that’s how we do meals around here for right now. It’s past time to start working with eating with spoons and forks, but the people who made those guidelines, don’t know my cavemen. They play too much to be trusted with utensils. Maybe when they are two…..

Here are some cute outtakes from today’s lunch that provided the messy floor pictures.

They were eating: Puffs, Goldfish, 3 mini oreos, Strawberries, Grapes, and Chicken Fingers.

Bruiser can always be counted on to wear as much as he eats….

Sweet Boy is the type that once he is done, he is done and wants out right NOW.

 See that wood tray back there? It is my snack buffet! Supertime saver! I simply grab a handful of something as soon as I put the boys in their seats, then I have time to go and get the fruits and meat ready. Also notice the Roses, see how much better the room looks with them  on our table. Here is the post about that!

And now I will leave you with a few more hilarous pictures of my boys being messy food lovers.

Have a GREAT day! Go make something Pretty!

How Does She: Feeding Toddler Twins
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