Are you dying by September for cool weather, beautiful fall leaves, football, bon fires, sweaters and fall decor?!?! I know I am. So I made this printable to make myself feel better about putting up Fall decor when it is still 90 degrees out, and it technically still is summer, but …….

It’s Almost Fall Y’all!!!Free It's Almost Fall Y'all Printable

You see what happened was, I saw a few of you already putting up some of your fall decor. I couldn’t go shopping without seeing pumpkins, and fall leaves. I had already bought a few pumpkins to add to my collection, then I found a wreath. It is GORGEOUS. I usually don’t buy wreaths, not because I don’t like them, but I don’t like spending the money on them since they are usually pretty pricey. Well at least the ones I love are, I could buy ok ones all day, but who wants blah on their door welcoming them home?!?! Not me. So are you ready to see what I got!

Bright orange fall wreath bright orange fall wreathI like that I can put it up for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love that it is simple AND stunning. I LOVE that I can see it from the road. (It’s the little things that get me so EXCITED)

Oh hey look! It’s the Hello door decal that is up for the giveaway! Check out this post to enter!

So since I had put up a wreath, I might as well change out the mantle right? It was only sensible. These are the items I got out of my Fall stash which also has Halloween and Thanksgiving items in it.

fall decor

I had went with a yellow and wood tone for summer.


I want orange, white and turquoise for fall. I’m not sure I have got it just right yet, but here is what I have going on until I do.

fall mantle orange blue pumpkins

I think it is missing something, but no worries, it’s only September, I have time to fix it. Ha!!!!fall mantle decor pumpkinsI just LOVE these glittery pumpkins. Even though they still shed glitter like crazy.

I went ahead and decorated our breakfast table and did a small set in the dining room next to the boys snack buffet tray.

Here is a collage of the fall that happened at my house today.

fall decor pumpkins simple easy cheap leaves bright wreath

Lastly here is the cute little printable¬†again on our front hall table. It will be here for a few weeks until I start putting some Halloween stuff out. I will be writing part two of the Halloween posts this week. It will be a round up of Pinterest’s best Halloween foods. I can’t WAIT!!!!!It's almost fall y'all free printableI hope you all have had a GREAT labor day!!!!

And Happy Almost Fall Y’all!!!


It’s ALMOST Fall Y’all!!!
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