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Welcome to the Launch Party Giveaway!!!

I’m THRILLED you have came to check out my newest baby. I have been working on the site for a month now during nap time, so it is still sparse on content, but big on potential.

Here are the Door Decals

Hello vinyl on bright door goodbye decal

I can make them in white, black or gold for the winner that will be announced on Sunday Sept 13th at 7 pm

So how did Spray Paint and Bandaids come to be?

I have always been the type to DIY things myself because I’m cheap and creative. I love leaving my mark on things as well as up cycling trash to treasures. After I found out I was pregnant with twins, I knew I wouldn’t be returning to the workforce in a normal 9-5 corporate way. Nor anyway that had others depending on me to be timely.

You see as funny as my boys are, they are self centered. They are fearlessly curious and ferociously hungry.

I missed out on getting to raise Alena every day all day when she was baby due to work, and school commitments so I wanted to be home and I’m thankful I get to be, even on the hard days.

So even though I’m home, my brain still needed projects to do. I love Pinterest as much as any woman, and I LOVE taking an idea from there and making it my own. I found a lot of bloggers living their life the way I do (DIY mode all the time)  and getting all kinds of sponsors sending them things to try out. I would love to be a part of that!

So who inspired me the most?

I particularly love the bloggers behind younghouselove. They are the epitome of what I would love to be doing with my time, and helping my readers out with.

So take a tour, look around at what I have starting out, imagine where I’m going to go, send me your suggestions, your before and after projects, and please send me your support so I’m not singing to the crickets.



Launch Party Giveaway!!!

Enjoy my ideas? Please spread the word :)

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