Nothing fun happens in the laundry room. With a husband in the Army (they change clothes SOOOOO many times a day!!!) messy twin boys, a diva for a daughter then of course myself who gets to wear all kinds of fun things from the boys’ messes, I’m forever chained to those laundry machines. I wanted to make the room pretty at least since I have to do laundry regardless.

So it was past time to have a Laundry Room Makeover! First up I needed something to put lint in. I was TIRED of having to walk to the garbage can in our pantry. (What you dont have a garbage in your pantry?!?!?! We didn’t either until we had twins….) So I found a bucket, and you guessed it I put a decal on it. You see a theme around here yet?!?!

First I used an eye hook and had it in the wall at just the right height for me to pull the lint trapper keeper out, swipe the lint and toss it in the bucket without much movement beyond the first one. The eye hook didnt hold well enough since it was a baby one so I decided to make a shelf from left over wood from our DIY growth ruler. I had some shelf brakets just hanging out in my extra decor box so I grabbed them and some anchors (my husband is an anchor Nazi, and I say that with much love) and put that bad boy up. I also put some frames up around it and added a few things to make it pretty.
I printed off some free subway art for a frame I got at the Goodwill and painted my favor shade of blue. I made a lost sock frame from black frame I spray painted white and glued some clothes pins on. I then opened Word to work on making the printable. The gorgeous floral background from a google search, then I added text that says:

I also found a super cute but clear vase at Goodwill that I spray painted white and put my little pup that reminds me of my former dog Chi Chi in there. I love finding little things that mean something to me and putting them in unexpected places. Plus who wouldn’t like to see a little pup looking at you while you do laundry.

So for less than 5 bucks I made my laundry room a prettier place to do a dirty job.

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Lint Decal

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Laundry Room Makeover
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