Hey Hey Hey!!!! It’s been a minute since I have time to sit down and write. Life gets busy, and that’s when the fun happens. Since my pumpkin hunting decorating post I have turned a year older, spent a week with my in laws and nephew, Casey came home from his field training, got a cold, went to St Louis for a mini vacation with handsome hubby and even went down a 10 story slide.

Life is Made of Moments, Experiences and Family
So yeah, I was too busy to write a how to post, plan a party (that is still Week at Grandma & Grandpa'shappening, it’s just going to be after Halloween instead of before) reno something, make something and instead I was busy making memories with the ones I love. I think it is important for everyone, especially us type A’s, to take some time to
put down the to do list and go do fun things, do nothing with a check box, to be in the moment watching your kids play, appreciate ¬†new things, rediscover old things and just simply enjoy life without the chores. ūüėČ

Life is Simple

My husband will be the first to tell you I can complicate and over do any task, or event. I can’t help it, my inner over achiever takes over and before I know it I have a 10 page plan for sleepover…… The last few weeks have been break for me and my overly anxious inner planner. I still made plans mind you, they were just more fluid and less detailed.

My mom was here while Casey was gone so I got to enjoy having her company Week at Grandma & Grandpa'sas well as having help keeping the circus in line. We went shopping, cooked, cleaned, went to playgrounds, parks, Nashville and even bought a new couch. I forgot how much I love having my mom around, and I would give anything if we could live in the same time as all of our family, because they mean so much to me, especially now that I have my own family to raise.

I got to enjoy and capture my boys and nephew having a blast at their grandparents for the first time all together when they could really play together and bond. I learned having three babies to manage really isn’t much different than two. I learned trying to get three babies to look at the camera at once is impossible unless it is because they are getting in trouble…..Week at Grandma & Grandpa's I loved being able to be there and capture so many fun moments, and watch theIMG_0776 boys start to interact. It was interesting how nice my boys were to Isaac at the beginning of the week when they didn’t know him well enough to show their rough side. By Friday the honeymoon was over and Isaac almost got a dose of
why we call Preston Bruiser because Isaac stole his cars and Preston was going to right the wrong on his own terms. Ha. Babies. I think we are going to try to make this a yearly event during Fall break or spring break.

I know I need a week where I’m I’m not running to get all my Week at Grandma & Grandpa's IMG_0747chores done and trying to fit in a project or to in all while managing the boys, playing with them, helping Alena in school and watching her grow and most importantly making sure handsome hubby knows he is important and loved too. Life gets busy, but it’s the simple moments that make it all worth it. Slow down and really watch them from time too time.

Life is Best Experienced.

We don’t spend a ton of money on material things. Not because we are trying to live a minimal lifestyle, but because we like to fill our life with experiences. I would rather take the kiddos to a museum, a cool indoor playground, a zoo, an event, etc to enrich their lives instead of buying thew latest and greatest talking toy. When I think about my favorite memories, they are all experiences, travels, adventures, or events. For the past month, our weekends have been filled with trips to Nashville, to farms, petting zoos and all things that scream Fall. The weather is perfect to enjoy being outside, the changing leaves are gorgeous and life just seems easier when we are out and about doing things rather than just at home trying to get this or that done with busy boys and a bouncy girl under foot.


Life isn’t Life Without the One you Love

I missed Casey like crazy while he was gone and missed some of the experiences I got to have with the kids, my mom and dad, and his parents too. I think it hurts me the most about him being gone, that he isn’t included in experiences. So I did the next best thing I could for him and wrote every single night about what happened those days, both from what we did and from what he told me he did.¬†(t’s a 60 page masterpiece, that I will be printing off in book form soon enough)When¬†you leave your family for your job, it’s like your life stops while they keep on living. It’s very important to me, to try and minimize that feeling as much as I can when one of our family members can’t be with us.

St Louis in a Nut Shell

When Casey did get home we got to go to St. Louis for my birthday. We LOVED the quirky City Museum. It’s an adult discovery museum built with left over construction materials creating an amazingly intricate playground full of slides, caves, retro machines, a ferris wheel on top of the building, a suspended plane you can climb up to, and all kinds of welded creative goodness. I will find time one day to write a whole post on it, but for now, just take my word and get yourself there ASAP. You won’t be disappointed. Tip: wear tennis shoes, jeans, and don’t bring anything you have to carry.city museum city museum

We also made sure to go up in the Arch, which is a mind blowing engineering master piece that is turning 50 years old. What makes it so impressive, is that it was built 50 years ago without all the CAD systems and technology we have today to build those modern marvels. They are redoing the landscape below the arch so a lot of it was under contraction, but WOW, that view from the top was AMAZING. It really is a must see.

The Zoo deserves it World Class reputation. We went first thing when they opened so we were lucky to see so many of the animals active, and eating. the weather was perfect so even the Somalia Wild Asses decided to play. My favorite animals had to be the hungry hippos. They all posed up on the glass while they were waiting for their lettuce giving all of us plenty of photo ops. It was adorable, especially for such a typical deadly animal. We also got to see a polar bear playing with a stick like a big water dog, and happy zippy penguins. We spent a good 5 hours wandering around and enjoying interacting with all their animals.

Forest Park was Gorgeous!!! I think it might be the best time of the year to have been able to see it for the first time with all the beautiful fall foliage. I had the plan to walk around and see all it had to offer, but that would have been a multi day event. We started to get hungry so our first trip to the Forest was short lived, but we came back before we left on Sat morning to take some fall couple pictures for us. I love how they turned out and the fact it was overcast and only took us 15 mins to get them.Crystal and Casey

St Louis has more free things to do than most medium sized cities we have been to. The Zoo, Forest Park, The Science Center,¬†The Planetarium, Art Museum, History Museum, The City Garden, The Muny,¬†Anheuser Busch Brewery tour, Grant’s Farm,¬†World Bird Sanctuary,¬†Cahokia Mounds, and more. I can’t believe all these amazing, historical, well thought out places are FREE. They were singing my song people!!! ¬†We didn’t get to go to all of them, Grant’s Farm being the big one we didn’t get to see, but we are planning a family trip back early next summer, so St. Louis, we will be back!!!

One day I will write a post all about St. Louis, but like most things in my life right now, I gotta make it short and quick before those boys get into something else. Did I tell you sweet boy has figured out the child locks on our kitchen cabinets?!?!?! Seriously, someone get me in touch with some child safety product testing companies because I need to sign the boys up!!!!


Life is Made of Moments, Experiences and Family.
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