Whoa! It is almost MAY! How did that happen so fast? I have redecorated the house to reflect springs happy new blooms throughout so of course I needed to do a Spring 2016 Home Tour. I love Spring so mucho. Everything is new, the weather is great and it is the perfect time to clean everything out and start over fresh.

It’s been hot minute since I have had a chance to write anything on the blog. We have started homeschool, and most days it is smooth sailing, other days, well,  we just have to regroup, or start over the next day. Regardless of the tears and battles, Alena Bina is on schedule to finish 5th grade Language and 4th grade Math by end of May. She would just graduating 3rd grade had I left her in public school. I’m so proud of the effort she has put in and I can not wait to see how far she goes!!!! If you are wondering what curriculum I am using that is helping us achieve such great results, especially since we are newbies to homeschooling, it is a web based platform called Moby Max. It is used by a lot of teachers in public schools already as a supplement to their classroom. I personally can’t sing it’s praises enough. Check it out if you are wanting to help your little one excel, or if you are like me and want to homeschool and let it do the heavy lifting. You get a free one month trial, then you can either use it still with less features or pay 99 for the year. I think you know what we did. (Moby Max did not pay me to pitch them to you, I just truly am thankful for stumbling on them at the beginning of our homeschool journey and wanted to give them shout out)

We had a medical mystery/turned nightmare to deal with one of our twins. Bruiser apparently ate some dirty dirt back in November which lead to  an infection in his lymph nodes that is pretty rare. It took nearly 2 months to get someone to stop guessing what it was with broad spectrum antibiotics, and to go in and find out what exactly was growing in those nasty nodes. Two surgeries and a MAJOR irrevocable mistake by an ENT intern named Rod at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, we finally got all the infection out and we are on the way to recovery. Unfortunately due to the mistake the resident made, we will have to go back in 6 months or so for plastic surgery to fix the scar caused by resident Rod. Can you tell I have a bad taste in my mouth for him…. His day is coming.

Anyways moving on, enough catching up and me venting about things that have happened and I can’t change. Let’s get on with house tour!

Spring 2016 Home Tour

I love spring time and all the happy colors that come with it. I love watching the flowers bloom, planting new ones, taking long walks and the sun staying out later. This year my color scheme is yellow, aqua, cobalt and green. With Easter and St Paddy’s so close together this year, I only decorated for Easter then switched things out for the final spring look. Right now, I think it is exactly how I will leave it until I break out my sparkly pumpkins for fall. Unless Target, HobbyLobby or Home Goods coms out with some irresistible summer decor that I just have to incorporate. I’m amazed I’m not on a first name basis at my TJ Maxx/Home Goods by now….

So let’s see some pictures and hopefully gains some inspiration.

Spring 2016 Home Tour

Let’s start outside where the irises are blooming and there are freshly potted flowers to welcome you up the stairs. I’m pretty sure I got to Lowe’s the day they got their first shipment of flowers in. What can I say, we had a mild winter and I had been dying to have a little spring in my life. Even if it was the end of Feb…….

Spring 2016 Home Tour


Spring 2016 Home Tour


Spring 2016 Home Tour| Spring Flowers!

I was browsing Goodwill one day looking for pictures frames needing some spray paint love and I came across this wreath. For only 3.99, I couldn’t pass it up. I don’t know if it will make it another year with the bright direct east morning sun we get on our front door, but it will do for this year. Especially for only 3.99.

Spring 2016 Home Tour|Wreath, Goodwill find

I got lucky and the week I went to Hobby Lobby to find some spring decor, their flowers were 50% off. So I got a few cute bundles and spread them throughout the house to bring the outdoors in. Have you ever seen the houses made of windows that overlook a lake or ones set deep in a forest. That would be my idea home. I would love to sit in my house and look out my little face and hand printed covered windows and see all that nature beauty.

Spring 2016 Home Tour| Vase, Hobby Lobby


Spring 2016 Home Tour| Flowers and cake stand, Target


Spring 2016 Home Tour| Pitcher & butter Dish: Walmart; Pioneer Woman. Flowers; Hobby Lobby


Spring 2016 Home Tour | Flowers and yellow basket, home Goods


Spring 2016 Home Tour

I always like to switch out items on our mantle, while leaving some of my anchor pieces in place. It’s a pleasant mix of old and new that is both exciting and comfortable. This spring’s mantle vignette started with some bright happy cute little cast iron birds I found in the spring section at Hobby Lobby. There were only 3.99 full price and of course they were 40% for their spring promo. I got six, three yellow and three aqua ones. Four birds found a home on the mantle and the other two are on the table by the front door welcoming you to our home. I also left a sweet white bunny from Easter up there just because I like him.

Spring 2016 Home Tour Spring 2016 Home Tour

Spring 2016 Home Tour| cast iron bright birds, flowers, vase: Hobby Lobby,

Look at those new fabric covered window boxes (window pelmets,valances, cornices what ever you would like to call them) I haven’t been able to have curtains for close to a year since Bruiser yanked down the curtain rod that was anchored with 75# anchors……. He can’t reach these, and they make me oh so happy to look up and see a finished window instead of a bare window. They also match perfectly with my rug and couch. Double winning! I scored the fabric from fabric.com. It is by Jaclyn Smith and it is called Ikara Blend Dove Gray. I will be making a post soon about how I made them in 20 mins for both during nap time. Here is a sneak peek of what you will need.

10 min easy peasy window cornice

easy peasy window cornice tools

Now back to the Spring 2016 home tour. I think we have covered most of the spring touches other than these few places I snuck some happy colors into.

Spring 2016 Home Tour| Rug: Target, online only


Spring 2016 Home Tour


Spring 2016 Home Tour| Garden holder, Home Goods


Spring 2016 Home Tour


Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around my Spring 2016 Home Tour. I hope you find some inspiration! Most items can be found currently at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods( each store is different, and rarely carry the same things, but I have found the same thing before at different stores, so it CAN happen!!!) and Target.


Happy shopping y’all!!!!



Spring 2016 Home Tour

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