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Alena wants to grow up and be like Taylor Swift, a good girl singing her heart out and giving back to her fans. Since we are actually at an Army post near a major music city, it was only a matter of time before we would find a concert to take her to.

We tried to get Taylor tickets almost year in advance but they were sold out as soon as they came out, and then once the tickets started circulating again for resell, they were sky high pricey for less than lousy seats. I think part of me really wanted to go see her too, and may have been more willing to pay a little more than 100 if it was possible to find such tickets.

Ariana Grande Live in Nashville EKKKKKK!!!

I happened to see a link on Facebook one day months ago about Ariana Grande coming to Nashville. Alena had been playing her song One More Time on repeat for days, so I knew this maybe the one that would rival getting Taylor tickets. I looked up the tickets and they were only 80 bucks a piece, totally doable for a lifetime experience.

Experience beats Material things. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Always save money for memories. Click To Tweet

You see, in our family, we would rather spend our money on memories and adventures than material things like fancy cars, shiny jewelry, and unnecessary costly “things” I think that is avery important thing to teach our kids so that they can have the type of life where they really live, and don’t work hard to pay off payments for rims, or some other stupid status thing. But I digress, back to Ariana.

How to Surprise a Little Girl

I bought the tickets in May, and had NO clue how I was going to tell her. Would I tell her immediately because I was so excited and it would be nice to have a carrot to dangle for good behavior from May to September. (Santa doesn’t work that far off…..)Maybe I could find a way to wrap it up all cool from Pinterest. Maybe i could make it a scavenger hunt. I thought about it for WEEKS trying to figure out the best way to surprise her. I was like a kid waiting for Santa myself.

Finally I was talking tot my hairdresser and she told me about a client of hers that had tickets to One Direction for her 9 year old daughter a few months back. She never told her daughter they were going. She simply went and picked her up early at school the day of, and recorded her reaction as she told her what she was picking her up and where she was going. The little girl cried happy tears, and was BEYOND ecstatic. It was the best day of her whole 9 year old life.

So thats exactly what I decided to do for Alena. I haven’t hinted or mentioned a thing. For 4 months I have had this BIG HUGE SECRET that only a few people knew about. I have been counting down and planning.

Since Casey had to leave for training, he isn’t going to get to share in the surprise, which is another reason for recording it so he can see for himself how excited she will be. You see, Alena believes we are mean to her and we get on to her ALL.THE.TIME. because it makes us happy… Anyone else have a kid that thinks that?!?! So it will be nice to have something SO BIG that she really can refute that we don’t just want to make her life as miserable as possible.

Let Me Make a Shirt for That

I HAD to make something for a keepsake of course. I thought about a custom ticket and VIP badge, but decided a shirt would be best. I wanted to put an Ariana Grande lyric on it from one of her favorite songs……. Well I’m a 31 year old happily married mom, I can’t relate to the angst of a heartbroken, attention seeking, party girl. I just couldn’t walk around with some of the lyrics across my chest in public. For example one of the lyrics to one of her hit songs is : “I don’t care if I’m not your only one, I just want a little piece of your heart.” WTF NO. Been there backing in the dating stages unknowingly, and I would never promote that kind of thinking…. I think that is one of the problems of our world today, but that is a different post and different soap box.

So I ended up picking a fun lyric that goes for Alena or me. It also happened to come from one of Alena’s favorite songs, which has more lyrics that I approve of. (Not dissing Ariana, just I’m too old, to act that young) It took me more time than I thought it would to design the shirt, cut it out, weed it, then iron it on, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Wanna see it?!?!?! Here it is!

The Way Lyrics matching t-shirts for the Ariana Grande Nashville concert


So now it is t-minus 2 hours before I go surprise her at school and let her know she will be going to a LIVE IN PERSON ARIANA GRANDE CONCERT! I’m pretty excited! And nervous, because I failed to tell you all, but I have only went to one concert ever and that was when I was 19 and it was Guns -N-Roses. So I have no idea what to expect or how to act. I may be that awkward mom, but hey wish me luck!!!!


Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!!!

Stay tuned this week, I have more pumpkins and fall living in my life! As well as there will be a post on how to make Open when letters for your loved one for the times they may be traveling without you, or if you are in a long distance relationship. Casey has been gone for a day, and that day was longer than usual. Appreciate your loved ones when you aren’t doing anything, you will realize that those little things are everything. 29 more days to go for me!!!



Surprise Ariana Grande Concert for Alena
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