How To Whip It Fast

I was browsing Pintrest one day as I often do whenever I get a chance and came across some tea towels a lady had made using stencils that had the fun song lyric Whip It with an image of a whisk under it. She had a great how to post, with lots of steps that made me think, whoa, I’m  not going to be able to do that anytime soon, I might as well try to buy it. You see when I see things I like I start thinking through whether I could make it, how long it would take me to make it, what would I have to buy,what would I have to learn, could I alter it, etc etc. I then weigh the time, effort, and cost of doing it myself against finding it on Etsy and buying it from someone else more crafter with more time on their hands. Naptime is sacred, things have to be really pretty, or easy around here for me to use some of it for projects after housewife duties.

Anyways back to those tea towels. She had the cute saying “Whip it” on one and I knew I could make a decal and put it on our tin that holds all of our cooking utensils including a whisk. I also knew that would take less time to whip it up( see what I did there…) than it took me to read her post. So off to the computer I went as soon as I could and 2 mins later I had a decal in hand ready to burnish onto my tin.

Whip It Fast!
Whip It Decal


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Whip It Fast! Kitchen Decal
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